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Frequently Asked Questions

Life insurance helps provide financial protection for families and loved ones in the event of the insured person's death. The named beneficiary of the policy will typically receive a lump sum, known as the “death benefit” to help cover costs such as funeral expenses and outstanding debts of the insured. This benefits helps remove the burden from family members during this tragic time.

Having life insurance through your employer is extremely beneficial as it provides some level of financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your death. However, often times, the amount you receive through your employer is not enough to cover the main expenses your family will encounter in the event of your passing. Employer-provided life insurance often has limitations, such as coverage amounts that may not adequately meet your family's financial needs. Therefore, it's advisable to consider supplementing your employer-provided life insurance with a personal policy tailored to your needs.

LifeCompared offers a wide range of life insurance products. However, the majority of our clients benefit from Term life insurance and Final Expense. Term life insurance is popular among enrollees due to its affordable premiums and simplicity. Term policies provide coverage for a set amount of time and are often renewable at the end of each term. Final expense on the other hand, is popular because it is specifically designed to help with funeral and burial expenses. These policies are easier to qualify for and provides peace of mind for your family members.

The amount of life insurance you need is determined by several factors. Thus, each person is different when it comes to the amount of insurance you should have. A common approach to calculating the amount of life insurance you need is to add your debts, income, final expenses, and any additional expenses you may have. This number will be a rough estimate of the amount of life insurance you would need to have in order for your family to live comfortably without financial burdens of your passing.
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